Functional Range Conditioning

What is Functional Range Conditioning?

Functional range conditioning (FRC) is a mobility protocol which focusses on joint health and optimising the movement of the joint involved. 

FRC was originally developed by musculoskeletal experts and its principles were formed from scientific research. 

This scientifically formulated method is a safe way to increase joint range of motion and strength and should play an essential role in everyday life.  

How can FRC benefit?

Unlike flexibility training, functional range conditioning takes on a joint by joint approach to focus on the range of movement around each joint solely. 

Typically, people train in the mid-range which does not enable full capacity for full movement. Whereas, the FRC system builds joint prerequisites, which means when you do things in other training such as squats, sprinting, jumping, or everyday activities you have greater efficiency and capacity. 

By focusing on an isolated joint at a time, you can enhance joint control. As well as this, some other key benefits to FRC include the following:

• Reduced joint & muscular pain 

• Injury prevention 

• Enhanced athletic performance

• Long term joint health 

• Increased movement efficiency 

• Helps defend against arthritis 

What is my FRC training method?

During the initial sessions with the client I ensure a thorough assessment of the clients' current joint limitations which provides a training plan specific for the clients' needs. 

Through continual practice using FRC protocols you can achieve a greater way of movement. 

Movement should never stop! 

If you would like specific joint related training to improve strength through your range of movement contact me by clicking the contact link below and fill out the form to arrange a consultation.