Movement and Mobility

Movement training for me encompasses various elements of different movement methods. A strong emphasis of my movement training is gymnastic strength training which is a great tool to build towards basic gymnastic movements such as handstands, bridges, static holds like splits and pancake stretches, and more advanced movements such as back handsprings.

Whether your goals are advanced gymnastic movements or building a solid foundation of strength, gymnastic strength training is a great way of building up baseline strength through basic gymnastic and bodyweight movement. Once these skill sets have been mastered the transference to other sporting or everyday activities is huge as more control and strength has been achieved.

The following movement skills which can be mastered are:

  • Chin up/pull up
  • Handstand
  • Basic gymnastic ring exercises such as muscle up and skin the cat
  • Static holds such as straddle splits and bridge hold
  • Tumbling exercises, round off, cart wheel, front and back flips


Another area of movement training which I use with clients is a more fluid approach which involves self-discovery between a mind and body connection. Once there is a good degree of joint independence and the body has a level of baseline strength, it’s important for the body to let go of rigid movements and express movement naturally. This movement might resemble caveman, animalistic or even certain dance techniques. But this movement essentially is unique to the individual and their pursuit to lead a more sustainable and healthier life. Understanding human movement through physical expression is a brilliant way to stimulate the mind and body.