Online Coaching

My online coaching programmes are individually designed to increase muscular efficiency at available end ranges of motion through a variety of different mobility and flexibility methods. The main methods which are used in my online coaching plans are gymnastic strength training and functional range conditioning. In my opinion, both are the leading mobility protocols in the world which are both derived from science.

I’ve been practicing these methods personally and with client’s day-in-day-out for 4 years and have seen some amazing results. Not only will your joint mobility improve, but so will your movement efficiency, and you will gradually notice general gains in strength and power.

It’s not a quick fix and the complexity of my system is the reason why I offer a 3 month or 6 month online coaching package for ultimate guidance. It is believed to take roughly 220 days to alter connective tissue or make long term change to your flexibility and mobility hence the minimum duration of the course offered.

Due to my own experience and due to my students results I can almost guarantee progress within 3 months… it’s just a matter of your body’s ability to adapt and how fast you progress, this really varies from student to student.

If you would like to commit to an online coaching programme with me, please fill out the contact form below. From there we can start the journey together to reach your goals.