The mobility journey began for me three years ago when I finished up with professional rugby. Years of static weight training played a toll on my body and I was restricted in many ways, which was never made clear until I dug deeper into the methodology behind how the body can move more freely in a safe way.  

Growing up I was involved in contemporary dance schools and breakdancing groups. Reflecting on those times made me want to rediscover how it felt to move freely and experience less pain. I knew seeking out the right education and teacher was the most sensible pathway to gaining this knowledge.

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‘The human body is the most adaptable machine on Earth, all it needs is the right input to change…”

Ollie Frost


Pathway to movement

Functional range conditioning (FRC) and gymnastic strength training has brought me back to where I wanted to be. As I started to learn more about FRC and began using the methodology in my personal practice, I wanted to help my clients and the wider community reach movement goals that would help their performance and quality of life, like it did mine.

Breaking down each joint with a systematic approach using FRC methods has allowed me to build the foundations for more sequential movements having earned this range of motion with basic joint articulations.

Coaching has always been a huge passion of mine, having been a sports and 1-1 coach for over 10 years. I get a true buzz seeing progression and figuring out obstacles people face with movement. The human body is the most adaptable machine on Earth, all it needs is the right input to change. If the body is challenged correctly it will respond, however, over time we have chosen to let external factors limit this challenge.

My philosophy is to create range of movement first with healthy joints, then the fun starts. Once adequate range of motion of the joints is gained, the individual can work towards any goal they want and even work to recover from certain chronic injuries they may have which often leave people restricted in their performance and day to day lives.